Toronto CAD
Victor Biro - Jul 17, 2017


An application for monitoring the Toronto Fire Service CAD and Toronto Police C4S interfaces. The developer of this application is not affiliated in any way with either service or The City of Toronto.

The application combines information from

- The Toronto Police Call For Service (C4S) Page
- The Toronto Fire Service Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Page
- Audio for the Toronto Fire dispatch
- Geolocation technology to locate (most, but not all) calls
- Call Mapping
- Toronto Police Operations (TPOC) Twitter feed

Some of the current features:
- Mobile-friendly user interface,
- Almost real-time updating of TPS and TFS calls,
- Push notifications for high-priority calls will let you know about important, newsworthy, calls even if the app is off,
- Play the dispatch audio for the call to get radio Tac channel,
- Matches Police, Fire, and TPOC Tweets for calls,
- Places calls on city-wide map (where geoinfo available),
- Filtering of calls shown in the call list, so only calls that interest you are shown,
- Customisable local notifications. Select any type of call to receive local notifications when you have the application open,
- TFS calls link to your default Map programme (usually Google Maps) so you don't have to enter the address manually.
- TPS calls will search Toronto Police Operations Centre Twitter feed to see if they have sent out anything.
- Push notifications for Environment Canada Weather Alerts and Warnings
- What's Near Me? page shows only calls within 1 km of your current location
- Automatic near-by notifications will send you a notification of priority calls that are within 2 km of your location

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Jul 17, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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