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Funky Mobile Apps - Mar 19, 2018


Want to track the GPS and Network location of your lost or stolen your device?? or Want to track your family members or friends location ?? then have this amazing app for FREE!!

“Track the Person” combines the robust “GPS” functionality of the Android with the “Network Location” and creates a secure and user friendly system that allows people to see each other's current location. It keeps your family especially your school going kids, children, teenagers and loved ones safe by tracking their exact location.

Many of us forget to pick our phone from restaurant's table, shops, and from many other public places or unfortunately lose our expensive mobile. To cope up with these kinds of incidents, you can have this GPS and Network tracker device installed in your phone.

How To Use:

1. Person you want to track must be a Android user and this app must be installed in his/her device.
2. While installation user will be asked to enter security code (different than security code of the mobile).
3. Settings: It includes “GPS Enable” and “Network Enable”. User can activate any one of them or both.
4. You must be aware of the security code(app security code) of the person you want to track. As you message the person's security code to his/her device, you will get the message from that person's mobile about his location.

Uses include:

1. Real time tracking.
2. Recover lost or stolen phones.
3. Saves money for business owners as track employees during work hours.
4. Follow kids movements during the day.
5. Know where family is at any time.


1. Get the current position by SMS
2. Application is running as a service
3. Help button is also there to help you understand the process, in case you get stuck in between.

Note: GPS in settings of the Android mobile should be enabled for obtaining the GPS location of the device
Lets see how good tracker you are!

Tags: Network locator, Phone Tracking, Mobile Tracking Software, GPS Tracker.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 19, 2018
Android 2.1 or higher

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