Transparent clock & weather
MACHAPP Software Ltd - Feb 4, 2018


Accurate local and worldwide weather forecasts, daily and hourly forecasts, weather radar, weather alerts, notifications, weather and time widgets and much more with this easy to use app.

Plan your weekends and holidays easily with our complete weather app and beautiful home screen widgets.

The weather application and widgets can keep track of your current location and display local weather and time as you travel. Add up to 10 different locations worldwide and keep track of the weather and local time in each location.

The weather app features a complete current weather forecast page that displays the following information:
• Current temperature, ‘feels like’ temperature, day maximum and minimum temperatures
• Dew point, humidity, total day precipitation, visibility and atmospheric pressure
• 7 day forecast including min and max temperature as well as weather condition
• Hourly temperature forecast for the next 12 hours and graph
• Hourly wind forecast for the next 12 hours that includes current wind speed, direction and wind chill index
• Hourly precipitation (rain or snow) forecast for the next 12 hours
• Sunrise, sunset and duration of daylight
• Moon rise, moon set, current moon phase as well as dates for the next major moon - phases
• Precipitation radar for the current location
In addition, the application can display the following information:
• Extended hourly forecasts: Accurate hour by hour weather forecast for up to 72 hours ahead
• Extended day forecast: Day forecasts for the next 7, 10 or 15 days (depending on the selected weather provider)
• Extended wind forecast: Hourly wind forecast for up to 72 hours ahead that includes wind speed, direction and Beaufort index
• Extended moon (lunar) phases: Phases of the moon for the next 60 days
• World weather: Get accurate weather forecasts and times for any place in the world for up to 10 locations - navigate between locations easily by swiping between them or using the location menu
• Weather graphs: Detailed daily and hourly weather graphs for temperature, precipitation (chance and amount), wind speed and atmospheric pressure
• Real time weather: Stay informed with the current weather condition and temperature on your status bar and lock screen
• Weather alerts: Never get caught unprepared! Get notified about good, bad or severe weather. Full customization of weather alerts and notification sounds
• Hourly chime: Select this option and get notified on every hour change. Customize the start hour, stop hour and hour sound

The application also includes a variety of time and weather forecast widgets that come in various sizes and formats. Add one or more of our widgets on your home screen and get useful information at a glance.

Widgets feature the following:
• Accurate weather forecast
• Daily or hourly forecast
• Next scheduled alarm and appointment
• Battery level
• Wifi or mobile data connection status
• Date and time at the selected location
• Available internal and external storage, free memory and battery temperature
• Current moon phase
• Hot spots to launch useful apps

Transparent clock & weather also comes with a variety of settings for date and time format, weather units (temperature, atmospheric pressure and visibility), widget skins, weather icons and backgrounds that will satisfy any user.

Having trouble adding a widget? Watch our video that shows how to do it:

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Email us if you have any questions, problems or suggestions. We are happy to help!

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Feb 4, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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