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Tricorder Free..

Tricorder Free..

Dan Miller-Schroeder - October 23,2014

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A fully interactive tricorder app. Modeled after the TR-580 VII model from Star Trek: TNG.

Tap the PWR button to start/stop. Tilt to change intensity of scans and detect things you point at. The three buttons in the middle play computer sound effects. Readout displays the audio spectrum data from the scanning sounds.

This free app contains ZERO spam ads (icon, push notification, ringtone) and instead plays a short video at launch. A paid version is also available, or you can install another free app to get rid of ads.

Please report any bugs to the support email with your device type and OS version!

Content rating: Everyone

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Additional information

  • UpdatedOctober 23,2014
  • Size8.73MB
  • Downloads1,445
  • Current Version1.1
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.1 or higher