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Trophies 4 Sorc..

Trophies 4 Sorc..

Dev4WebApps - September 11,2014

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Trophy checklist for Sorcery on the PS3, to keep track of your progress towards Platinum.
. All 34 Trophies included.
. Descriptions for all 34 Trophies
. Your trophy progress is automatically saved when a checkbox is pressed.
. Your trophy progress is automatically loaded when you relaunch the application
. The Trophy description is shown when a row is pressed
This is an unofficial educational guide created by Dev4WebApps. All trademarks and copyrights referenced are the property of their respective owners and are used under the fair use doctrine. Dev4WebApps and this application are in no way affiliated with The Workshop or Sony Computer Entertainment.

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  • UpdatedSeptember 11,2014
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  • Current Version1.2
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 1.5 or higher