Tsuna Runner
Light Soft Studio - Mar 20, 2017


Play with you favorite manga characters sawada tsunayoshi! From anime Hitman Reborn. We would like to challenge you to make high score.
Tsuna Runner is a game about Sawada Tsunayoshi. He is trained by infant tutor reborn. for to be the tenth generation Boss of the Vongola Famiglia, the most prominent Mafia in the world. he didn't want to be the boss of the mafia group. but he always Being chased from mafia and varia group, and was helped by a Hitman reborn.

!!! HOW TO PLAY !!!
Help him to run, jump, dodge and survival from enemies. Your goal is to run and survive as long as possible.

Press JUMP to Jump over the gap and Dodge Enemies attack.
Press Attack to Attack enemies and Block Attack.

Collecting flame for using box weapon & box support.
Collecting box weapon for attack with dying will flames.
Collecting box support for support and Increase the ability of the character.

When the full sp. You can use Crazy mode. *** in crazy mode you will most strong and powerful.
if you collect box Vongola X . you can use Hyper Dying Will mode. *** in Hyper Dying Will mode you can fly by hold Jump Button.

!!! FEATURE !!!
- Easy to Play. Run and jump and dodge enemies.
- Level & Upgrade status system.
- 18 Type of Box Weapon.
- 4 Arcobaleno characters from anime hitman reborn.
- Xanxus leader of the mafia group Varia.
- Hyper Dying Will mode & Crazy mode

Have enjoy & fun playing.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 20, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher