Tube Map - London Underground route planner
OneZoneApps - Sep 24, 2017


Tube Map - London Underground route planner uses the official Transport for London Tube Map and includes a route planner for help getting around and quick navigation to stations and attractions around London.

Free to download, works both on and offline and with over 450k downloads and 50k route planner every day is become the #1 Tube Map - London Underground route planner.

Key features:
1. An official Transport for London Tube Map with route planner.
2. Easy to use both with and without an internet connection.
3. Uses data directly from TfL to give live line status for choosing the best and faster route.
4. Check line status for delays and closures.
5. Real time journey planning that will navigate you around disruptions on the Tube.
6. Your places – save the nearest station to your key placeless hotel, work or home.
7. Online search – Search for any place in London and plan your way through the underground.
8. Includes extra map views for the TfL Night Tube map
9. Routes history – automatically saved you 3 latest route planners.
10. Stations search history - automatically saved you 3 latest stations search.
11. Your nearest London Underground stations – found the nearby station and view the route on the online map
12. Around you – find restaurant, ATM, banks, bus stations etc…
13. Attractions - plan your route to any attraction in London by underground.

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Sep 24, 2017
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