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Cooee Launcher DevTeam - Jun 20, 2015
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Turbo Launcher has upgrade to Turbo Launcher EX!!!
There is no best, only better. Turbo Launcher comprehensive upgrade, strive to bring users a better experience!
PS:Turbo Launcher EX is totally free! And Turbo EX select the scores of the theme for the user , all free to you!
Turbo EX also optimized the user experience, bring you a unique mode of operation way, download now!
Turbo Launcher EX link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cooeeui.brand.turbolauncher&hl=zh-CN

Turbo Launcher - crazy for you, let us take you into the world of top speed!
Don’t know about Turbo launcher? Out of date…
With speed ​​smooth 3D engine technology, Turbo launcher will blow cool and be a dynamic tornado......
Moreover, Turbo launcher also provides a lot of surprises...
Massive new themes are free;
Kaleidoscopic wallpaper is free;
Rich versatile widgets are free;
This is not just a simple fashion visual feast;
Every moment of Turbo launcher makes you feel the pleasure of speed......
Turbo launcher doesn’t have as many fans as Go launcher;
Turbo launcher doesn’t have the 3D style that Next launcher has;
Turbo launcher doesn’t have a history that is as long as ADW launcher;
The speed and smooth 3D engine is the pursuit of Turbo launcher.
You are our motivation;
Let’s work together to create a better tomorrow of Turbo Launcher;
We sincerely invite you to support our products. Download and try them. ~
▶ Functions:
1. Speed smooth 3D engine gives you different feelings of sliding;
2. New 3D dock bar design gives you a cool visual feast!
3. You can also quickly share the launcher with your friends~
Launcher settings
1. Well-prepared crystal, windmill, wave, and other speed sliding effects are available!
2. Unique two-finger enclosing: draw a circle in the blank area to select the application icon directly
1. 360° rotating 3D clock displays the time in another way;
2. With launcher search and folders, you can incorporate applications into the box!
Mobile phone beautification
1. Beautification center has a variety of personalized themes, such as:
Nautical Adventures theme: Do you have a dream for adventures and eager to surf in the sea? Try this Nautical Adventures theme;
Natural Elements theme: Give yourself the calmest choice of nature, and let yourself get closer to nature;
Ambition theme: This is probably the theme you have been seeking for a long time and the most recognizable icon theme, which makes your phone easier to use;
The online resources also provide more themes such as future technology theme, happy childhood theme, soul cage theme, animal kingdom theme, static rhyme theme, and pretty image theme;
2. Provide you with cool lockers that can be unlocked in different modes, such as:
Peeing child locker: This is an interesting locker, which gives you infinite laughter;
Christmas tree locker: Fantasy locker in Christmas tree shape, a variety of hanging applications like gifts in the tree;
Nostalgia time locker: I miss the old times, which are surely the lockers you miss;
The online resources also provide more lockers, such as: I am a great director locker and phantom particles locker. Try different ways to unlock them.~
3. More cool wallpapers will be launched, such as:
Elegant series wallpapers: light and shade wallpapers, fantasy wallpapers, camouflage wallpapers, etc.
Modern series wallpapers: sunrise wallpapers, sunset wallpapers, mountains wallpapers, etc.
Fresh series wallpapers: leaves wallpapers, green city wallpapers, sky wallpapers, cloud rhyme wallpapers, long journey wallpapers, etc.
Sad series wallpapers: back wallpapers, home wallpapers, water beads wallpapers, water drops wallpapers, cute cat wallpapers, etc.
We will continue to release new wallpapers, and you can change them with your mood.~
Turbo Launcher - Elegant and smooth
Exclusive! Download and try!

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Jun 20, 2015
Android 3.0 or higher

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