Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines - Dec 8, 2017


Are you ready to discover the world with all the benefits Turkish Airlines has to offer? Our new mobile app makes your travel experience much smoother and faster by remembering your selections and flights. Purchasing tickets, checking in and making reservations are all now much easier, so download our app and start taking advantage of it today!
An app that knows you
Now planning a trip is so much easier! Our mobile app remembers your selections, preferences and previous flights, and offers personalized suggestions based on this information. Save time by taking care of all your travel arrangements quickly and easily.
A brand new design
We’ve redesigned the app from the ground up with the ideal user experience at its heart. It’s easier than ever to plan your trip and carry out Miles and ticket transactions. What’s more, you can quickly purchase tickets, make reservations and see your saved flights.
Quick, secure payment
Our mobile app offers a whole host of payment methods, so you can choose the one which suits you. Easily purchase tickets, save credit cards or even pay at checkout simply by using your device’s camera to scan your card.
Every little detail
We’ve thought about every detail of your trip. You can save your flight and then complete your reservation later. You can then make payment using whatever payment method you want, using whichever device you want. Use the “My trips” section to add new flights, change or cancel flights, or add infant passengers. You can even make hotel and vehicle rental reservations.
Miles&Smiles privileges
Our mobile app now offers a more comprehensive Miles&Smiles experience. You can use Miles to buy award tickets, purchase additional Miles or transfer Miles to other Miles&Smiles members. Get the most out of your Miles&Smiles membership with this new app.
Multi-flight selection
Now it's much easier to book journeys which include more than one flight. All you have to do is select the multi-flight option.
Time to discover
Widen your world with our mobile app. Take a look at the “Widen your world” section and see current promotions. You’ll also find city guides and travel recommendations in this section.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Dec 8, 2017
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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