TV Remote for Samsung
Spikes Labs - Dec 13, 2017


TV Remote for Samsung is a great application to control your Samsung Smart TV over local network(WI-FI) as well as across the networks and IR. DLNA (Phone photos on TV), Sleep Timer , Macro function , Audio/Video Player.
Mainly Voice Command Control, Custom remote, Favorite channels, Auto Discovery, Control TV from anywhere, Check remote TV Connection and other attractive features makes it unique.

This application supports B-Series/C-Series/D-Series/E-Series/F-Series Smart TVs.

We are NOT affiliated with Samsung corporation and this app is an Unofficial product.

How to find IP Address of your Smart TV?


Advanced Details

Feature List:-
✓ Image mirroring feature. Watch photos on TV
✓ Sleep Timer
✓ Macro function. Multiple operation with single click.
✓ Audio/Video Player
✓ Voice recognition Commands to control your TV
✓ Voice Media Controls (Play,Pause,Forward, Backward, Volume) are main attractions
✓ Type Text or URL directly from application to TV
✓ Customized remote
✓ Favourite channels
✓ Choose TV to Play/Pause/Mute on Incoming call
✓ Volume Control by side buttons
✓ Test the Connection of your TV(useful in cases when there is no physical access available to your TV)
✓ Automatic TV Discovery
✓ Multiple TVs can be controlled separately or altogether
✓ Continuous button press handling for volume/program/left-right-up-down buttons
✓ Manual Language selection
✓ Notification shortcut
✓ Control your TV from anywhere in the world
✓ Display the TV response messages for every key press to check command execution status
✓ Display the Present Connection status always in the Application Settings
✓ Dedicated Separate Media Remote
✓ Choose Full Screen ON/OFF of remote
✓ Manual configuration of TV IP Address
✓ Dedicated Miscellaneous key press in separate Remote
✓ Fastest key press responses from the TV using this application

Supported TVs:-
- C-Series/D-Series/E-Series/F-Series (All the Samsung TV's with Internet TV or AllShare feature)
- Blue Ray Disc Player with Smart Hub feature
- B-Series TVs must install “Remote Lan Control” via content library in order to use the Remote application.
Detailed procedure for downloading/installation of “Remote Lan Control” is explained here

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Dec 13, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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