Under Water Angry Shark Sniper Shooter
Standard Games Studios - Nov 14, 2017


Under water Angry Shark sniper shooter is very interesting and beauty full places in the ocean. In Under water Angry Shark sniper shooter take control of a very bloody hungry shark and go on a frantic ocean rampage. Who else is crazy enough to fight with angry dangerous sharks? The sea is a dangerous place, now it’s time to prove that you are the danger. In hungry and angry shark world take control of great angry white shark in this action packed ocean shark attack deep Arabian sea evolution. Attack angry shark is the latest shark simulator to play as the biggest predator in the world. People are enjoying at the beach and you have to kill them to white great shark eating.

Under water Angry Shark sniper shooter 3D greatest fun free play this new game. We will give you a chance to run your adventure shark and survive as long as possible by eating ocean snakes, fishes and other Arabian sea things. In these super angry hungry blue shark games, you would have played many extreme real killer shark attack games, but this real shark fishing and hunting games 2017 is best for you game. Dangers shark which ready to attack on in this modern hungry killer whale shark game, we will give a multiple crazy blue whales range. Angry hungry crazy shark game play in underwater it is best survival game.

These best new crazy blue whale killer shark simulator game will give you multiple thrilling and adventurous levels. In this real Under water Angry Shark sniper shooter 2017; every level becomes more attractive and dangerous because of biggest jaws hungry blue whales killer shark. these blue whale shark fish games will give you featuring real 3d graphics multiple thrilling tasks. In this real angry shark world 2 free challenging game, this mighty beast is out to eat lots of human.

Under water Angry Shark sniper shooter simulator is a fast-paced aquatic adventure that requires quick Knothole teeth and keen horrifying eyes! In this simulation game, you take control of bloody killer shark to explore the depth of underwater world full of dangerous sea. Dangers shark which ready to attack on you Shark simulator is for those who love attack shark games and simulator games for free Swim & attack! U can show you are best ocean survival and swimmer so play as a killer shark & show your skills by killing & hunting swimmers in the deep sea or on beaches in this Civil War Attack shark games

Angry blue whale Shark Revenge offers you 10 underwater missions for brutal hunting like great tiger shark. Scare small fish and make them your tasty food. Try to complete the objectives before time runs out. This shark especially enjoys the taste of human’s meat. Go fishing for friends and boats and come back with a full stomach. Your mission might be to destroy the ship or to kill the fishermen! May be Blue Angry shark is a hungry Shark too!!Play the most action packed game Angry Shark simulator 3D.Complete all exciting missions and earn points in these shark Clear levels by completing the objectives. Attack and defeat them by playing as an attack. Angry Shark

=====Feature of Under water Angry Shark sniper shooter=====
* Awesome 3d graphics Sea and beach environment
* Awesome Visuals and sound Effect
* Best of free action packed games
* Realistic water effects Bloody Gore Animations

“” How to play “”
Under water Angry Shark sniper shooter download now on google play store.
Tilt your Head to move your shark within the environment.
Tap Left side Gesture to control the Shark
Tap right side corner button to Pause Game
Tap Camera button for different views

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Current Version
Requires Android
Nov 14, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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