UniDiary — Personal Diary
Stride Inc. - Jan 12, 2018


Your personal diary with cryptography notes will ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all written information.

Maximally simple and comfortable in the use due to the only most necessary functional in the application.

You can fill it with your thoughts, feelings, your ideas, plans and notes, and add beautiful emoji.

It is known that keeping a personal diary is very useful. It's an emotional unloading and analysis of events and precious memories.

Install digital password when you first launch the app, it will reliably protect all your notes from prying eyes.

All records are stored in a local database in an encrypted form, that's why UniDiary will never need Internet access, which is also a big plus.

To copy or transfer all your notes, is enough to make a backup and restore it to another device (phone or tablet).

We made the diary as simple and refined as possible, so that even a child could easily use it.

If you have any good idea or problem, certainly please contact us. We will definitely answer you!

In the updates will be added useful possibilities, which you certainly will be able to use :)

Thank you for choosing UniDiary!

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 12, 2018
1.6 Strawberry
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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