US Air Force Plane Hijack Rescue: Best FPS Shooter
Mizo Studio Inc - Apr 16, 2018


US Air Force Plane Hijack Game is another great offering from Mizo Studio in 2018. Combining the thrill of plane hijacking games with the special forces valor of best FPS games, this plane hijack game takes the rescue mission in US air force games to extreme levels. The plane highjack game provides best gun shooting action unlike other hijacking games for best first person shooter games fans. This amazing addition to counter terrorist games focuses on airplane hijack scenario where special forces from air force will conduct gun shooting missions to kill terrorists and rescue the aeroplane. The airplane hijack games has an amazing highjack gameplay not seen in many plane crime games with gun battle. Start the rescue mission with a pistol and upgrade to rifle, shotgun and other guns in this action game. If you can handle real action FPS shooting games with perfect headshot and are confident of rescuing hostages in operations that are extremely critical, this plane highjack game will train you to become an FPS shooter who can handle best FPS games. In this hijak game, there are complex flight hijack mission & super rescue heroes that amalgamates the critical nature of counter terrorist shooting missions in airplane rescue games with hijacked plane theme from US air force plane hijack games. All this qualifies airforce games for best action games of 2018 & 2017. Non-stop gun shooting with precision targeting and adjustable firing sensitivity makes this airplane hijacking game truly precious for first person shooter players who have to save the airplane pilot as well as all the passengers. Hijackers are inside pilot cockpit & air force have sought the help of special forces to counter this plane hijake in a gun battle. So load up your guns and get going with your rescue mission in this FPS shooting games.

Delve into plane hijacking games and experience first person shooting as a rescue hero. Strategize airplane hijack rescue mission seen in no airplane games. Terrorist hijacking a plane and rescuing passengers who are taken in as hostages keeps this plane hijacking game 3d very engaging. Amazing plane hijacked storyline and shooting controls unseen in most hijack planes games keeps the airforce mission very intense. Stay in shadow, keep your cover and save lives with your stealth mission. If you love FPS shooter games and gun battle games, then you would love this war than you play this plane hijack game. Brace yourself with the best special forces officer to come for rescue of passengers and airplane pilot on duty from the aeroplane in this plane highjack game. Counter the terrorist with intense gun battle & take control of your fear as FPS shooter in one of the best shooting games in the world.

Smooth and easy controls & detailed environment makes the gun battle experience in this US airforce game truly immersive. You can easily manage best action games shooting if you have the shooting skill to counter plane hijacking games action. Interesting shooting animation prevail in plane hijake with non-stop counter terrorist shooting & hijack plane. Realistic sounds and controls keep this plane hijacker games effects show in plane hijacked plane. Download US air force plane hijack game now!

US Air Force Plane Hijack Rescue: Best FPS Shooter Game features:
Amazing FPS game with adjustable gun shooting sensitivity
Fearless gun battle and shooting in hijack airplane games
Comprehensive gameplay for aeroplane hijack mission
Amazing 3d inside airplane environment with economy, business, first class & cockpit sections
Latest airforce plane models unseen in even the best plane games and other gun shooting games
Challenging airplane pilot missions unseen in first person shooting games

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Current Version
Requires Android
Apr 16, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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