US Army Frontline Special Forces Commando Mission
Immortality Games - May 15, 2018


This is one action packed, adventure filled game of Special Forces who have joined hands to fight off the brutal crimes of terrorist in US. The heroes are up for the real war. Get a chance to indulge in the action while leading 12 Strong soldiers with various levels and terrifying mission on board.

US Army Frontline Special Forces Commando Mission brings together a Special Forces team combined with US navy, CIA agent, US military and the valor filled citizen who volunteered to fight in solidary against the terrorists and Afghan warlord. The task is to take down the Taliban and free the country off these brutal criminals with doing counter terrorist attacks. You will have to get behind enemy lines and kill all the horrifying terror spreading enemies. Alert post 9 11 to avoid any crucial damage or injuries done to your team.
US Army Frontline Special Forces Commando Mission enables you to handle the reins of the forces being the Green Berets. Army's Special Forces has always been looking for a brave hero. The world watched in terror the 9-11 attack. The conventional military came to aid but its still striving to defeat those brutal enemies. The Horse Soldiers and sniper hunter teams are sent to Afghanistan for counter terrorism attacks.
This is the best fps action games you would have ever come across. US sniper assassin team has called for a sniper war against the arsonists. The well trained strike force heroes won’t have a bed of roses to walk on, US Army Frontline Special Forces Commando Mission has a crucial war going on. Gun strike shoot killer have been appointed to carry out shoot dot shoot dot trainings. A call of Sniper has been made. The famous deadly sniper from all over the country have been collected and have been given sniper for free and a sniper shoot training is conducted to make them do best shoot ever. You are going to be a part of the thrilling sniper offline game, in the Frontline Mission. Spy on the terrorist and locate the hideout spots of these bad forces and confront and demolish the maximum number before the Final Battleground.
The commando shooter game, US Army Frontline Special Forces Commando Mission is an extensive game full of elite commando and shoot assassin gathered to make forces of war to fight the commando forces elite war. This GUNNER GRAND WAR calls for the blood and sweat of the reputed front line shooter. According to the plan CRITICAL FPS STRIKE will be made. In this battle against terrorism all efforts will be made. The best fps are trained to eliminate the roots of terrorism. Army gunner shoot war 3d is a critical mission where you have to show the world your superiority. The fierce battle shooter has no option of losing this Modern Counter Shot battle against the enemies. A fierce battle shooter will fight for his country with all his stamina.
The US army commando mission is the most anticipated war against terrorism. For this only purpose the firewall defense procedures are being taken for the vast survival of county’s much valued citizens. Special mountain sniper have been trained by the US army training institute to carry out spontaneous mountain shooting. There is an extensive commando shooter action going on in various parts of the country against terrorist squads hidden. A devastating Frontline Fury is being shown in the morales of the frontline commando. Some secret agencies are also working on this mission. They came on a secret call made by the US commando heads. This is a mission in need of Call of Secret Duty as there are always some black sheep in between leaking information to the enemies. So the secrecy of the highly confidential plans are to be monitored. This game “US Army Frontline Special Forces Commando Mission” is going to be the best adventurous game of 2018.

Game Features
Intriguing gameplay
Eye catching, real 3d environments
Adventurous and thrill filled levels
Various deadly missions
HD quality Audio and Video

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
May 15, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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