US Army Sniper: War Survival
Zappy Studios - Action and Simulation Games & Apps - Apr 19, 2017
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Get ready to destroy Enemy bases and kill terrorists with modern weapons. Play this epic American sniper shooting 2017 - the best FPS shooting Sniper game of 2017.

Army sniper assassin puts you straight into the action as the elite sniper. An alpha marksman is heading towards its base while some militants attacked him. He successfully hides from them and now he got a chance to eliminate all of them quietly. Luckily he is moving with his sniper rifle and he also has enough artillery to eliminate all of the militants. This trained commando sniper is best of all sniper shooter in US.He is a lone hunter and trying to reach to its base. Now he trapped in a war against militants and he has to survive by survival techniques which he learned in commando training. This is not a game. There is no room for remorse here, so shoot to kill. You successfully positioned terrorists, trying to set up terrorist training camps in the desert. Eliminate all the gangsters and terrorists to be a real hunter like a pro commando sniper.

In this sniper war survival, there are different shooting missions and you have to complete each mission in limited time. In some missions you play as police sniper secret agent to kill all the city gangsters. Those missions truly test your shooting skills as you have to save civilians hostages by shooting crime mafia. You are a true marksman who is a sharpshooter and can hit from a long distance. Be a sniper bravo and save your city and become master sniper in this crime city.

As a trained commando sniper, ready to fight in different locations like desert, town, and in mountains. This game gives you thrilling and breathtaking experience with realistic 3D-graphics and sound. Use your ammo wisely and take your first shot carefully because the moment they hear the gunshot, they will kill you before you know it. Adjust the enemy in your muzzle position, become a real killer.You are given a job to eliminate all the terrorists one by one by completing all the thrilling challenges of this realistic 3D game. Become the sniper elite with your marksmen skills in this first person combat shooter. Become the most deadly elite striker and best anti-terrorists and fulfill your dream. Now pick up the weapons in your hands, targeting the terrorists chest, pull the trigger and shoot them.

***US Army Sniper: War Survival Features***

** Multiple Challenging Missions
** Play it Anywhere, Offline Shooting Game
** Very comfortable visual angle.
** Thrilling Fights between Commandos and Terrorist
** High-quality 3D graphics, restore the most realistic scenes of the scene.
** 30 different weapons.
** The most powerful artificial intelligence AI
** Real Shooting Experience
** Stunning graphics and realistic Environment

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Current Version
Requires Android
Apr 19, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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