USB TimeClock Free!
KOKODAS INC. - Oct 7, 2017


◆App Salient Features
✔Support external USB contactless smart card reader.
(Don't required card-reader driver software for Android, Supported devices are listed on our home page. )
✔Quick response of smart card recognition.
✔Punch data (Excel/CSV encrypted zip file) sended via email.
✔Automatic time adjust via internet NTP server.
✔Prevent duplicate time punch.
✔Total up, working time, overtime.
✔Possible to execute as Android home application.

◆App Brief Explanation:
✔Working with USB contactless smart card reader.
✔Apps identify individuals by the smart card, such as public transit ticket or student id card.
✔Cut down the totaling labor cost, and Time cards paper cost.
✔You can punch time every place carrying this application, even at construction site, exhibitions, conferences and social events.
✔The registration of more than five people, you will need to purchase a token.(There is no need for subscription.)

◆Validated Contactless Smart Card Reader.
✔Advanced Card Systems, Ltd ACR122U
✔SCM Microsystems, Inc. SCL010
✔Sony Corp. FeliCa S380/S370/S330 [PaSoRi]
✔NEXUS7 Internal NFC Reader.

◆Validated Smart Card.
✔MIFARE Standard/Ultralight
✔Felica 212/424

* "Excel" is trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
* "Felica" is registered trademark of Sony Corporation.
* The names of other companies and products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
* This software includes the work that is distributed in the Apache License 2.0

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 7, 2017
Android 3.2 or higher