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V7AB Radio Mars..

V7AB Radio Mars..

Rooky Langidrik - May 15,2014

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**This app follows V7AB's schedule, 6 a.m - 11:30 p.m Majuro time. Also, you'll need an internet connection as you're using this app.** Kommol kab enjoy.
V7AB Radio Marshall Islands 2.0. Iakwe waj nan kom woj, enin ej APP eo ej make wot nan kojwoj eo im jej jokwe ilikin majol bwe en wor wawein ad maron baur radio station eo im kejwoj iakwe. Jolok bwod ne ejamin lukkin jejjot ak enej emman. Kattar feedback kane jen kom nan ad maron in update im kokkomanman lok app in. Kom emmol kab GOD bless Marshall Islands.
Like us on Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/V7ABAPP
**IMPORTANT** I tried to make the app available for all versions of ANDROID even if your phone is not compatible, just to try your luck if it works. So if it doesn't work on your phone, ekwe Jolok Ao Bwod ak ejjelok ao maron ioon men in. Jouj im melele. Kommol ilo am naaj bok ilo melele.

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  • UpdatedMay 15,2014
  • Size2.04MB
  • Downloads3,534
  • Current Version2.0
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 1.5 or higher