Vessel Self Driving
Uniques Digital Game - Mar 11, 2015


Did you ever control a ship? Did you ever go to Hong Kong? NOW, Pleasure Vessel Self-Driving (HONG KONG) will bring you a vessel self driving experience on Hong Kong Sai Kung Sea !
You can enjoy the night view on a pleasure vessel. OR Sailing in the Heavy Weather.
You can act as police to chase the smugglers. OR experience the Firefighting on sea.
A lot of things you can do in the Vessel Self-Driving ! Please ENJOY this ship game !
* Requires 1.2GHz CPU or 1GHz dual core CPU and 768 MB RAM Memory devices or higher.
Hong Kong Pleasure Vessel Self-Driving offers two different game modes:
1. Training Driving Mode (Mission based)
2. Free Driving Mode (Select your favorite vessel and drive in the Hong Kong Sea freely)

Game Features
- you may drive the vessel in the Hong Kong Sai Kung Sea and performing different tasks in order to met the challenges.
- To understand the basic ship driving skills.
- Driving a ship with you hand held devices.
- Pursuit and simulation of almost real situation.
- Different of ships, and you should deserve it.
- Like the real vessel operators, and you feel to drive in the real world.
*Required Network Access when started.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 11, 2015
Android 3.0 or higher

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