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bulandapps - Oct 2, 2018


Voice Search Assistant & Phone Voice facilitates its valued users when they want to make search on their android devices. The innovative technology makes it possible to avoid typing and get a reliable and fast access to the multiple tools of your devices. Just speak and get access to android apps, contacts, search engine browsers, map & navigation, music files, and many more options through this voice search app. instead of typing in search bar or searching through various steps, just access this voice search and get a reliable connectivity to the multiple functions of your device within seconds.

Voice Search apps: in collaboration with google assistant this voice app leads you towards a door way through which you can access the apps within few seconds. Instead of searching the desired app among many apps your voice commands will give you access to the desired app with in few moments.

Voice search dialer: Voice Search Assistant & Phone Voice allows you to get access to the contacts through voice comments. Just speak the name of person to whom you want to access this voice command app will lead you to contact just in few seconds.

Voice Search Assistant & Phone Voice : this voice search engine offers you a reliable access to the google maps and navigation. in the same way when you want to travel or want to search nearby places just access to the voice search facility and navigate through voice commands wherever you want to move along with 3D street view.

Voice search browsers: with voice search manager 2018 get a fast access to all the famous search engine browsers: voice search live , amazo0n voice search, bing voice search, UC voice search, Opera Mini voice Search and so on with voice recognition options.

Voice Search Music: this android voice search app closely collaborates with ok google search and let you confident to access all the files of your device. Have a fast access to the existing music files or download music from various music portals like youtube voice search, and dailymotion voice search only through voice assistant.

Voice Search History: Voice Search Manager 2018 allows you to access the voice search history of your device. A detailed record history allows you to assess the important search queries with the passage of time.

Voice Search Setting: Voice search app allows you to set the voice search on or off when you deem possible. Just say, what you intend it will automatically will turn off o on the voice search options.

How to Use: place the device ahead of your mouth, tap the Voice search button and speak about the search query, this voice recognition facility will offer you a fast and reliable access to the desired objects. Simple and easy to use interface with various options of search make it unique and innovative for the android users. Download voice search app and feel relaxed in terms of browsing or searching when you deem typing inconvenient.

Note: in order to get the efficient results give Voice Search Manager 2018 access to your contacts, apps, gallery and microphones.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 2, 2018
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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