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VZOID - Feb 28, 2018
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Vzoid is an all in one Online Beauty and Wellness E-marketplace where you can search for the best beauty services and beauty products and look for the latest promotional deals. Vzoid started off as a marketplace providing more than 2000 deals from over 500 prestige merchants and has expanded into carrying beauty products. We strive to become a convenient and trusted online destination for customers to discover great values when it comes to feeling confident in beauty.

Users can get best offers of beauty service and product from head to toe. Vzoid covers beauty service from a well-curated list of facial, massage, hair, nails, body, make up, eyes, and brows. Definitely it is for both men and women.

Besides, Vzoid also offers a peer-to-peer personal shopping service that provides a platform to give shoppers a personalized and unique shopping experience. Users can request to buy any product in Japan and Korea with our personal shopper service.

Moreover, there is point system applied in Vzoid, which is V-Point. V-Point is implemented on user’s side. Through purchasing of beauty services and products via Vzoid, invite friends to use Vzoid, and share Vzoid posts on personal social media account, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, one can earn V-Points that are redeemable for free products and services from Vzoid.

In Vzoid, anyone with smartphone, Internet connection and GPS can experience the simplest, coolest and most convenient “Search and Navigate” function to get to the service location.

Don’t hesitate anymore, try out Vzoid now and pamper yourself with beauty and wellness services, you deserve it!

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Current Version
Requires Android
Feb 28, 2018
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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