Waktu solat
kedai - Jul 26, 2015


*beta: track when we read our solat. Now the app comes with solat tracker, so we can track when we read our solat. Tap the blue button which will change accordingly; if it's time for zuhur, the button label will be zuhur.
Overtime, we can improve and not procrastinate. Details below.

Waktu solat uses your geolocation to determine solat time, direction of Kaabah in maps and nearest mosques.
Specifically for Muslims, especially in Malaysia and those who use *Egyptian General Authority of Survey method to determine the solat time.
The app will determine solat time/prayer time from your geo location and see this month's solat timetable.
Check in everytime we perform our solat; either before or after, so we can track when we perform our solat. The app will chart daily, weekly and monthly progress, so we can improve our promptness in performing our solat; requires facebook login so we can make sure only you can see your data.
How to read the chart:
x axis is date time
y axis is minutes since prayer time (subuh, zuhur, asar, maghrib and isya)
Note: We do not guarantee the availability of data forever. We reserve the right to delete data that's not updated to conserve storage space.
Now the app will also search for nearest mosque within 25 km radius using Google Places. Mosques not marked in Places would not be marked.

*There are several conventions for calculating prayer times and this app uses the Egyptian General Authority of Survey method to determine the solat time.
Please allow +- 3 minute allowance for the solat time. Enable GPS and wireless for better geo location
Before rating a 1 * consider emailing dev with the details so we can check and help.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jul 26, 2015
Android 2.3.3 or higher

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