War and Magic
Efun Global - Nov 15, 2017


Bored with typical MMO Strategy game play? Play War and Magic! Every action counts for battle victory.

It’s time to show your strategic mind and capture the legendary honors in the most exciting REAL TIME MMO ACTION STRATEGY GAME! The well-designed battle system may challenge your strategic and tactical thinking. Command every action of your troops and every decision counts in the battles. Power is no longer the key to victory, but tactics and strategy.

Ally with worldwide players and fight for the highest throne in this magic world. Build an empire with advanced technologies and structures. Protect your homeland and fight against enemies with legendary heroes and powerful troops. Support each other within the alliance and fight for the honors together. Only the winners from the clash could be commemorated as legends!

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Real Time Tactics and Strategy
- Improved game play for chessboard battlefield – every strategic action counts!
- Strategically mix and match various heroes and soldiers for powerful troops.

Build an Empire
- Forge powerful equipment, level up your structures and technologies for greater power.
- Real time resource management – maximize every bit of your resources and grow as fast as possible!
- Look out for the enemies! Improve your defense ability and never let them succeed in plundering.
- Participate in various daily competitions which could strengthen your empire power.

Trigger an Online World War
- Released worldwide in 8 languages. You could ALLY or FIGHT with other players worldwide in real time.
- Attack your enemies and colonize the land! Also, be careful about improving your defense ability.
- United we stand, divided we fall! Share troops and resources with alliance members to support and strengthen each other. Remember, you are not alone!
- Battle for the throne! Conquer and defend the three world cities, struggling for the crown of the King.

Explore the Magic World
- 8 legendary heroes and 17 types of soldiers with unique skills and spells for you to choose from.
- Seek exotic monsters in the extensive world map and captive them for your troops.
- Visit relics covered under the mist and grab the treasures.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Nov 15, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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