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“Water Reminder” is a free drinking water reminder APP designed specifically for you. It helps you develop good water drinking habits by reminding you of drinking water in the right time. Drinking water every day is good for keeping your body in good shape. Getting enough water daily is very important for your health. Without sufficient water in the body, you will be prone to illness. Just download our APP now and start good water-drinking habits. Remember that it is important for everyone to maintain water balance of the body every day.

Drinking enough water daily is of great help to your health. Healthy water-drinking habit not only helps you keep in good shape, but also helps to reserve enough aqua in your body so that your skin retains moisture.
Here are the benefits of drinking water properly:
★ Less calories and less fat
★ Moisturize your skin and keep it smooth and soft
★ Prevent from the formation of kidney stones
★ Prevent from constipation or relieve its symptoms
★ Reduce stress and fatigue
★ Relieve dehydration after sports

Water makes up 70% of the human body. Low water intake is bad for your health specifically for your organs. Drinking water only when you feel thirsty is definitely not a good idea because thirst is a warning from your body that you are already being dehydrated. You must know these consequences of dehydration:
★ When dehydrated, the brain sends a signal to neurons that may be confused the demand for water with the demand for food. In this case, you might eat more unnecessary food that could cause fatness.
★ Less fluid in your eyes that makes them dry
★ Insufficient digestive fluids, causing constipation and related issues
★ Less saliva, resulting in bad breath
★ Low metabolic rate, leading to the formation of kidney stones

If you don’t have good water-drinking habit, download our APP now. You only need to input your current weight, and we’ll tell you how much water you need to drink every day. Your daily water intake target is calculated smartly according to your living habits. Our APP will also regularly remind you of drinking water and record your water intake so as to develop your good daily water-drinking habits. Water Reminder is your free water intake tracker that helps you get in better shape!

★ Smart daily water intake target
★ Take drinking records quickly from notification bar
★ Cool LED reminders so you won’t miss a drink
★ Clear drinking records by day and by month
★ Thoughtful Water-drinking guides and health tips
★ Customize drink water time
★ Customize reminder ringtone you like
★ Sharable water-drinking records and also reminder for your friends of drinking water
★ Medallions for your every achievement of drinking water
★ Customizable water units eg. standard (oz) and metric (ml)
★ Beautiful and friendly user interface

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