Water Slide Adventure Park 3D
Grape - Games: Top Simualtion Games Free - Aug 2, 2017


Get ready for a big water splash this season! Forget all the roller coaster rides and fun land fantasy adventure games and join the ultimate waterslide amusement rush in the best “Water Slide Adventure Park 3D” simulator game. Enjoy all the thrills & entertainment of 3D aqua adventure park in this water fun game on your mobile without leaving the comfort of your home.
Navigate the water boat rider to ditch crazy twisters of [Water Slide Adventure Park 3D] park tycoon, pick wonderful items at extreme velocity as you race down the crazy waterslide, dash through the crazy city twister, slippy slide on the water boat at incredible speed & extreme water slide velocity to enjoy this water game racing in 3D. Water Slide Adventure Park 3D is the best 3D water slide simulator where you can enjoy dozens of loops, incredible speeds and exhilarating drops whether you're on a water boat, or your bare skin, you're at the mercy of gravity as you make your way down the free fall waterslide and sometimes up the slippery slope. In the amusement parks, the roller coaster train rush games have always been the king of theme park amusement rides. But during the hot summer months, these attractions get some tough competition from water slides. Check out marvelous waterpark stunt game attractions in water sliding racingfunland game 3D as you join happy racing uphill rush to reach the bottom of the best powerboat water racing game in the water roller coaster slider game with crazy ups and downs, insane twisters and turns; Swing and slide with extreme velocity and enjoy the amusement park‘s fastest thrill 3D water slide extreme ride.
Prepare yourself for a mind-blowing park enjoyment for the most immersive &indulging water slide builder experience. Feel and live through the excitement of riding on a magical joyride in crazy coaster Water Park real water slide. Enjoy realistic splashing water effects as you slide down the tallest free fall thrill ride. Do you have a fear of heights? This tallest and fastest Water Slide is the stuff for nightmares! Enjoy the extreme roller coaster of madness that is going to blow your mind away with amazing drops & thrilling bird’s eye view of the entire city with highly immersive & impressive 3D graphics in this fun water slide game.
In Water slides 3d games beach adventure feel through the excitement of riding on a magical joyride in crazy coaster VR Waterpark. Enjoy realistic splashing water effects as you slide down the tallest free fall thrill ride. The tallest and fastest Water Sliding game Water Slide Adventure Park 3D is the stuff of hallucinations at night! It is almost similar to driving a rollercoaster in a crazy water park by racing through the loops and drops.
Earn coins to buy power-ups and use then wisely. Shield can save you at a critical moment, and invulnerability power-up can help you to achieve maximal speed without any problem! Use earned points to unlock varies kinds of water slide -flumes, water chutes, and hyroslides!

• Conquer the world’s most dangerous attractions action and adventure 3d games
• Experience extreme water park thrills
• Perform mind-blowing stunts
• Master all levels in Level Mode
• Survive as long as you can in Endless Mode
• Create your own content in the Level Editor
• New worlds added each month!
• Discover hidden diamonds and unlock power-ups
•Lots of different rides to choose from
•Tilt mobile from left to right to collect coins
• Less in size so easy to download and user friendly
• Play offline, anytime, anywhere, no wi-fi needed!

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Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 2, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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