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Whats Call- $0 international phone call & voip wifi calling app with FREE texting on 2nd phone number.
Get a dedicated or disposable phone number for FREE or cheap calls & text NOW!

? Completely $0
Free voip phone call & text free. No contract, no hidden fees.

Popular countries include call USA, Canada, Nigeria, India and Pakistan.

★ International Calling
to any mobile phone or landline numbers over 200+ countries supported!

★ Real U.S. phone number
Get your own temporary 2nd number, adding a second line to your phone! You can also use this private phone number on burner phone.

★ Send FREE SMS & picture
Free texting (SMS+MMS) to any phone number with your new phone number.

★ Make & receive calls
- VOIP wifi calling. Anonymous calls under a fake number in private situation.

★Call Forwarding - Forward incoming calls to another number when you're offline.

★Call block - stop phone fraud harassment calls.

===========Add NEW phone number for============
? Emergency: Get a 2nd phone number to stay connected when your phone is out of service.
? When you Traveling Overseas. Your friends in the U.S. can reach you without paying outrageous roaming charges.
? Online dating
? New Job searches, multiple business lines, or temporary projects
? Private conversations, secret texts, or anonymous texting
? For managing Airbnb, for salespeople, for web forms, deliveries and other cases.
? A temporary /burner/ fake number for prank or spoof calls.

Get a REAL free phone number for $0 to send text & picture messaging + make & receive calls! You DON’T need a SIM card to text/call. You DON’T need to pay for phone bills.

【Why use Whats Call?】
- Having a private number app for anonymous texting or calling is vital for your privacy.Like a social security number, you shouldn’t give it out to everyone!
- Callers will only ever see your 2nd phone number, keeping your main number anonymous and private

NO HASSLES - Create a 2nd phone number, keep them as long as you want, and burn them anytime. “Burn” the number with just a click so you no longer receive calls and texts.You can get a new one with the same features at any time!

NO PHONE BILLS - Calling & Texting via Wifi or 3G/4G/LITE network, you don't get hit with expensive service charges. And best of all, you can pay as you go - there are no contracts or worries.

** Enjoy FREE International Call with WhatsCall **
Sick of phone bills? Call your friends, family around the globe with NO extra charges. It is good to social and get connected with your family through a nice free international call.?

** High Quality Voice Calls **
Dial away and make high quality phone calls with voice quality that is crystal clear, just like making phone calls from a landline!

** Better Than The "Competition”**
Did they fail you? Be Charged? Spammy? Limited Free Texting or wifi calling? Whats Call is the most reliable and fully featured phone number app.

Whats Call - the best international cheap phone calls app & the best free phone number app to text free + call free! Recommend to your friend, start free phone call & text now!

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Feb 17, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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