Wheelie Bike
RiverGames Oy - Nov 17, 2017


You've got grandma's old bike, and now you can begin your career! The objective is to do a wheelie for as many meters as possible. The controls are simple, just gas and brake. The longer the wheelie, the bigger the bonus! Just be careful you don't fall off in the middle of doing a wheelie, otherwise you won't get the money.

By earning money you can tune up your bike to make it even better. You can also buy new bikes and earn more money to tune up your bike again or to open new levels!

Holding your front wheel in the air requires good balance and nerves of steel! Driving too fast is no use, because doing a wheelie might be difficult then. Finding the right balance is important.

- Twelve levels in Finland, Greece, Alaska and Grand Canyon
- Fifteen different bikes
- Money is earned from the amount of metres of doing a wheelie
- Doing a wheelie for a long distance earns bonuses
- Money can improve power, lightness, wheels and the tendency to do a wheelie

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Current Version
Requires Android
Nov 17, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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