Who viewed me on facebook – profile stalkers
Moleetoom Sutkeeomta - May 1, 2018


Who viewed me on facebook ? – Profile stalkers
Most accurate and fast app on the store for “who viewed my fb profile”. You must be curious to know that “who views my facebook profile”. Have you ever recognized your friends “who Visited my fbook profile” if no then please install this app and check it now. The app is very easy to use and also have navigation pager for new user. The “who checks my facebook profile” app is totally secured so your friends would not know that you have checked your “profile stalkers for facebook”. We are not going to post anything on your facebook timeline, so don’t hesitate to use it.
The most interesting fact about this app is that it is free. You don’t need to pay to check 10 “Profile trackers for facebook”. The app is works on algorithm and it always shows the accurate result. The app “Who viewed me on facebook” is really useful for the couples. You can check whether your love have crush on you or not. You can also check whether your ex is still spying your profile? You can easily check “My top facebook friends”. The app will analyze your facebook profile and show you the perfect result. The app has refresh function so you can refresh your list anytime you want. The app also gives facility to check strangers who is not your facebook friends but still if they checked your profile then you can easily check “Who is my facebook spy”.
Unfortunately facebook does not provider this kind of facility so we come up with this unique app and algorithm. The most important part of this app is you can check “Profile admires for facebook”. We are also working on “Who deleted my on facebook” through this you can easily check who deleted me on facebook. So, this app shows profile visitors, profile stalkers, profile admires stranger stalkers for facebook.

• Very user friendly and clean in design
• Pager navigation for new user
• Login/ Logout with facebook
• Shows “who viewed my facebook profile”
• Profile stalkers, profile admires
• Refresh the result anytime
• Stranger stalkers for facebook
How it works:-
The app “Who visited my facebook profile” is very easy in use. You just need to install the app, login with facebook. The app will analyze your profile and shows the result according to our algorithm. App does not save anything. You can logout whenever you want.
The app is totally secure. Today privacy is the biggest to take care. We always care about our user. Don’t hesitate to install the app and it uses the native library of fb so it is completely secure app.
We always ready to support our user for any kind of issue related to the app. You can reach us at kemraaplomgaat@gmail.com for any kind of concern. Please rate it and share with your friends. Thank you so much,

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Current Version
Requires Android
May 1, 2018
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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