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JPMA INC. - August 25,2015

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**** IMPORTANT!!! ***PLEASE READ!: WICShopper CURRENTLY SUPPORTS THE WIC PROGRAMS IN MA, FL, WV, KY, TX, NM and WY. WICShopper WILL NOT WORK IN OTHER STATES. Please check back soon if you participate in another WIC program!
WIC EBTShopper has been renamed to WICShopper!
Grocery shopping for foods allowed by your WIC* program can be confusing. Much of the problem is from not knowing exactly what products you can purchase with your WIC benefits. WICShopper is here to help you shop with confidence. Using WICShopper, you can check the WIC eligibility of products while you shop! In all of our supported WIC programs, you can use your phone to scan products to check their WIC eligibility.
In Florida, Massachusetts, Kentucky and West Virginia, you can simply (and securely) register your WIC card, then automatically download your CURRENT benefits every time you shop! WICShopper doesn’t just tell you if the product is WIC eligible… it tells you if you have enough WIC benefits left to purchase the product!
SmartCard States such as Texas, New Mexico and Wyoming require the use of a store KIOSK to load your current prescription to your phone. Please urge your retailer to contact JPMA at 303 232 3700 or EBTShopper@jpma.com to inquire on how they can add a card reader to assist you.
Here is what WIC participants are saying about WICShopper:
"This app ROCKS! I was able to see my balance & the best part was being able to scan barcodes! Saved me a lot of headaches! Love this app, very convenient!"
"Loooooove this app!!! So helpful, simple and useful! I've recommended it to everyone I know with the benefits. Thanks for making it."
"Awesome app. I love being able to see my wic balance with out having to save and scramble for a recent reciept when I need to go to the store. Very convenient!"
"LOVE IT!!!!!! I can never find my receipt so this is very convenient and handy. Even if this app was $1 I would pay for it."
"This is awesome u know how many times ive got up to the register n it not b wic approved or something is wrong. Now i can check b4 thank u"
"U can scan it to make sure it's approved ?!? Awesome!!"
"I just downloaded this last week. Its awesome."
"Thought this was neat cause u don't know ur wic balance unless u go to the store n get a receipt. It even lets u scan stuff to see if its wic approved"
"Aww me gusto!"
"Getting this app!!!"
"I have it and love it takes the guess out of shopping for my daughter."
"This is awesome!! Since we don't have checks anymore I've been forgetting what all I have left lol."
Currently WICShopper supports the following WIC programs:
Texas WIC
New Mexico WIC
Wyoming WIC
Kentucky WIC
West Virginia WIC
Florida WIC
Massachusetts WIC
We are adding new states as quickly as possible, so if your state isn't listed please check back soon! To learn more about WICShopper, please visit our website @ www.ebtshopper.com.
* Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children

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  • UpdatedAugust 25,2015
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  • Requires AndroidAndroid 3.0 or higher