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Wifi 3g 4g 2g ..

Wifi 3g 4g 2g ..

Digitalnet - October 23,2014

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Do you always get frustrated with slow wifi speed along with slow browsing speed, and do you want better signals ?
Do you always want a stronger 2g 3g or 4g speed, then download this application and you will find that your signals are boosted. This application will boost your cell signals.
Wifi Booster allows you to boost WiFi and improve WiFi signals. Signal boosters will increase overall speed. Network Booster will help you to boost internet speed.
Bluetooth booster will help you boost your data transfer rate. Network booster will help you increase network speed.
Improve network speed signals & get better cell phone coverage with the FREE Signal Booster for Android application.
You can optimize your Bluetooth, 3G & WiFi connection in seconds. You can boost your speed up to +25%.
Please note that this is just a prank application and is made for fun and entertainment purposes only and it does not provide true signal enhancement functionality or bluetooth enhancement functionality.

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Additional information

  • UpdatedOctober 23,2014
  • Size1.32MB
  • Downloads61
  • Current Version1.2
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.2 or higher