Wifi Dropbox Lite
Gábor Szántó - Jun 18, 2014


!!!DOWNLOAD THE SERVER HERE: http://egeszsegtars.hu/syncbox !!! If the app isn't working, try to turn off your firewall temporarily.
Wifi Dropbox (SyncBox) is a sync application, similar to Dropbox, but it uses WiFi to transfer data, so there's no unnecessary 3G data traffic, thus it's faster, and more reliable. The files ARE NOT copied to any cloud storage, so the data directly goes from the Phone to the PC or vice-versa. This is the easiest way to share your data between your PC and your Android device. It is designed to easily copy your music, pictures, videos, or any other file onto the phone, or VICE-VERSA. The transfer can run completely in the background if you want, and you can open your files immediately with the built-in file browser. The software comes with a nice widget. If you want to start the app, connect to the PC, and sync, you just click the widget and it all does the job at once.
For example: you sync your Phone's camera folder to your PC's Pictures folder. If you take a picture with the phone, that pictures is going to be automatically copied to your PC.
This is a lite (free) version of SyncBox, it is limited, you can manage only 1 folder, and ad-enabled. For full version, please visit https://market.android.com/details?id=com.rainy.syncbox

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jun 18, 2014
Android 1.6 or higher

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