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WiFi Hotspot & ..

WiFi Hotspot & ..

mobitechbrick - August 18,2014

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No one wants to use multiple internet connection. This app will help you to use internet on you laptop or computer using your phone you can convert your phone to mobile hotspot or can connect internet you your laptop or computer by usb tethering. This app will allow you make your mobile as mobile hotspot and you can run internet on as many as computers or mobile devices (some time depends on mobile brand) using your single mobile internet connection by it as mobile hotspot.
How it works:
WiFi Hotspot: you can convert your mobile as mobile hotspot using wifi by creating wifi hotspot. In few click you can configure your wifi hotspot and use your mobile internet on your laptop. Just click on portable wifi hotspot and on same time you mobile will be converted in mobile hotspot or wifi hotspot. You can set its Network SSID name and set password also to secure your mobile hotspot or wifi hotspot network so that no one can use your wifi hotspot internet without your password or without your permission or you can set is open also so that anyone can use it. Password secured wifi hotspot or password secured mobile hotspot always recommended.
USB Tether: If you don’t want to make wifi hotspot or don’t have wifi on your laptop then you can use USB to run internet on your computer from your mobile device you just need to connect your computer and mobile using a USB and just click on USB Tethering option your mobile internet will be instantly available on your computer for use.
- single click configuration.
- Make wifi hotspot in single click
- Make usb tethering in a single click
- No advance configuration required
- Full features available no restrictions
- No complication in using app

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Additional information

  • UpdatedAugust 18,2014
  • Size1.45MB
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  • Current Version1.0
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 1.6 or higher