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Wordify TOEFL (+10000 Words)

Wordify TOEFL (+10000 Words)

Andronom Team - May 15,2014

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Study and memorize TOEFL words much faster than ever ! Wordify asks you the set of words, till you know each one correctly. If you guess a word wrong, it asks you again.
The source is the greatest flashcard base 'Quizlet'. You can add your words on and study them in Wordify.
Attention!!! Wordify is not a "Flash Card" app. Wordify provides much more than a flash card. So, please, do not confuse Wordify with any Flash Card app.
The free version has ads, but if you like the game, please buy the full version as you get rid of ads and support our future work on Wordify.
Very special thanks to's developers for such a perfect product plus opening API without limits.
Usage Details:
You can reach word sets either by categories or searching them. When you click on a word set, the game begins. At each step Wordify gives you a word and you try to select the best choice over 4 alternative meaning. When you answer wrong, it asks you again later. After you answer all words correct, the set will be displayed in blue color. Also you can add word-set to your favorites set, by clicking on star. To add your own words, you can form word-sets on, and reach them on Wordify by searching.

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  • UpdatedMay 15,2014
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  • Requires AndroidAndroid 1.6 or higher