World Warfare: Battleships
Unalis Tech - Oct 26, 2017
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Step1. Install the game but do not open it.
Step2. Download the .obb file. (192 MB)
If what you get is a .txt file, rename it to .obb
Step3. Creat a folder named com.ucube.chyogame.rbsa/obb/
Step4. Put the .obb file into the folder.
Step5. Run the game.

Realistic images created by all new 3D techniques, highly restoring the battles of World War II history. The core of battle is based on center of command and strategy, with the support of minimal manual control during battle.
Conquer the seven seas, blast the enemies with countless steel cannons, stir up a naval battle storm!!

---Game Features ---
[Brand new 3D refined model]
The game is based on well known naval battles in the history of World War II, the models are created strictly following the design of historical battleships, perfectly restored various types of battleships from different counties. With the new 3D drawing technique, you will be able to see remarkable details. We strive to create a distinctive unique style that’s enjoyable for the players’ eyes

[Formation and strategy is the key]
Enjoy the thrill of killing through seven seas at your fingertips, become the king of the sea through countless blood bath battles! Follow the storyline, and go through Pearl Harbor, Midway Island and other classic historic battles, witnessed and remake the history!
[Innovative new gameplay system]
Rich content, more straightforward battles. In the end, it is up to you to become the king of the seven seas that lives through endless fights, or just play it safe and conquer an isolated island? Confront the enemies, blast them with all fire power, and everything you have got! The glory belongs to you, you are here to dominate them all!

[Legendary generals and ships are waiting for your command]
Become the supreme commander, assemble ships and blast the forefront! Gather the legendary combat ships and generals to fight for you, conquer the world, rewrite the glorious naval battle his

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 26, 2017
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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