Wrecking Ball Car Crash
Saga Games Inc - Mar 11, 2018


Thrilling adventure on mountain road tracks. Wrecking ball are Damaging cars on road. With earthquakes worst land sliding have begun. All the more diverse missions of the wrecking ball car crash makes it impossible for the racers to reach the destination without wrecking the car.
Falling stones in shape of wreck ball destroy cars like military attack on foreign lands.
Spinning propellers and obstacles are breaking the vehicles.
Wrecking balls hanging and moving over the roads are destroying the cars like nothing else. Chained instrument of destruction is like sword hanging over your head.
Best wrecking ball to create the diversions on the road, so other racers could beat you to the destination. It is time to play the adventurous driving and simulation beyond the imagination of the game users.
This racing action is full of destruction, with realistic animation of destruction, great car explosions after collision with the wrecking ball and immense racing experience. Wrecking ball is going to demolish the cars. Big mass of stones are pillars of destruction on highway. Immediately after collision, car will bust & crash into pieces.
Wrecking ball car crash is intimidating when it comes to acting fast and saving the car from getting under the big wrecking balls. Getting smashed by the wrecking while racing with rivals is dually challenging. Accelerate and overtake the other racers while keeping the safe distance with the balls and stones which are rolling towards you. Land sliding in this mountainous area is natural.

Most adventurous series of demolition missions, where the car racer is getting demolished. Fasten your seat belts before this adventure starts. Wrecking ball car crash is filled with extreme challenges as you move up on the ladder and try to play the hardest missions.
Wrecking ball car crash has some special features like. Beyond demolishing buildings and destroying the ultimate construction sites. Addicting wrecking ball gameplay is a great entertainment. Fullest entertainment of a racing game, unpredictable attack by the wrecking balls & stones on the road. Balls of destruction follow no rules, breaking everything that comes in way, wrecking balls test your driving skills. Messing with bedrock & drilling by the oil extraction companies create these incidents more often.
Unlike monotonous straight road racing games, Wrecking ball car crash have variety of dangerous driving missions full of thrilling adventure. Rocks and stone balls rolling towards the wrecking ball car crash racer makes a compelling storyline for the game, which makes this racer of survival a new phenomenon.

Wrecking ball car crash special features:
• No speed limit in the time of crises, drive the fastest you can
• Challenging levels for everyone, now race like a pro & win like a true champion.
• Acrobatic tricks, speed up & sliding under the rolling rocks.
Wrecking ball car crash is packed with numerous courses of racing, multiple dangers in each level are presented. Fast speed crash of cars being dumped under wrecking balls & rocks is most thrilling feature in the wrecking ball car crash.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 11, 2018
Android 2.3 or higher

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