Wrestling Superstars - Real Gangster Fight in City
Play Craft Studios - Jun 16, 2017


The reign of criminals and thugs will end when the wrestler champions will come to rescue the people of miami city. The people are living under the shadow of fear so play as a wrestling superstar and overcome the darkness of terror.
Kill boredom with Wrestling Superstars-Real Gangster Fight free 3D action survival game, start your journey as a street wrestling fighter and take down the current champions of wrestling mania. When it comes to playing some real wrestling arena battle game anyone would prefer a game where one can fight people like a smashing monster and bash the people out of his way. The clash of monsters with villains, gangsters and terrorist is the most excited thing in this game.
Enter the clash of monsters like a fearless wrestling superstar and kill the criminals and street fighters by showing up your fighting and smashing skills. Terrorists have been threatening the locals of Miami City. Robbery and murder is common now-a-days due to these jail breakout monsters and you have to show these gangster villains that you are a real battle hero. Fight the gangsters on the streets of miami to stop crimes and make city a place for everyone. Fight criminals like a fearless fighter and prove that you are a city fighter. You are the last hope of people for city survival. Stealth killing and many other interesting stages are waiting for you. You are the fittest street fighter having skills of martial arts and heavy weight wrestling. Now, you have to crush incredible monsters. In this battle arena you must enter with a boom and increase the number of deadheads. Team up with your clan mates to kill all the jail break snipers.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jun 16, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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