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Integer Games - Jan 12, 2018
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This is the time to play the biggest arcade action game from Integer games, Wrestling World Mania.

Welcome to the most authentic approachable and action packed WW game-play ever, with lots of animations and new moves.

Enjoy the greatest grappling actions in this game by mixing the wrestling rules. The Wrestling experiences that keeps you craving for breadth. High action wrestling, with jaw dropping executions. You have to select among various fierce wrestlers. Win the Wrestling World Mania Championship and show the world that you are the best. Strategize your attacks and moves, take your opponent down. You cannot take your opponents lightly.

Role- Play as your favorite WWM Superstars!

Who is your favorite wrestling star? Here is the chance to role play as Harrison Wolf, Green Zord, Gangsta T, Twin Devil, etc. Play through the matches between all time heroes, by performing their own signature moves on the ring.
Quick Play Mode:
Quick Play mode let the player to jump into a rapid match with their own custom settings like participants, match category, etc.
Career mode
Career Mode gives the game-play that involves taking control of a single wrestler and guides them through their career. You can Upgrade the stamina, punch power and signature move for your selected player. This mode let any character to be upgraded to a higher level for defeating the world champions.
Unleash The Mania:
Play tons of matches. Rule the leaderboard. Tag Team and become the Wrestling Champion. Increase your power and unlock each grappler’s unique skills. This game introduces a brand new physics system to the gameplay. Unleash the wild side of you. Feel the Battle.

Become a Wrestling Superstar:
Push your selected wrestlers against excellent opponents to construct the popularity of your future superstars of wrestling world mania game.
Earn Exclusive Rewards:
Aim for the highest reward! The more you play, the more rewards you earn! Climb to the top of the leaderboard and checkout your remuneration raise.
Features of Wrestling World Mania:
 Realistic Simulation of Wrestling Moves
 Gives you the real wrestling feel.
 Perform your own signature move and play style
 Experience the action with unlimited fun
 Stunning Graphics
 Random combo skills and unique rage system
 Upgrading player skills comes with incredible changes
 Unlimited fighting, strive to be the punch hero!
 Hard Hitting Action Levels
 Quick Mode for all the level of players
 Realistic punch boxing game
 Tons Of animations and signature moves

Train yourself and improve your skills. Fight Your Way To Glory. Download & Play for free from Action games category - Wrestling World Mania.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 12, 2018
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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