XRay Camera Free
Fingersoft - Oct 24, 2014


The best X-ray Camera software! This app creates a real-time X-ray style vision. Looks like, feels like and sounds like a real X-ray vision. Check out the video!

This is totally different than all the other x-ray apps because this one actually uses your camera.

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* Real-time X-ray like image from your camera!!
* Supports also front facing camera if available (take x-ray style photos of yourself)
* Skull and hand templates (hand shown in one of the screenshots)
* Nice X-ray style sound effect when moving camera
* Enable flash to cause nice effects (see the video, caution: do not keep your flash enabled for long periods)
* Save images you see on the screen by a single button press
* Images are saved to your SD-card

Make your friends impressed by just waving your phone around with this super cool camera application!

This is the free version. There's a paid version without ads also available.

If this software doesn't work on your phone please contact us with details via e-mail (support@fingersoft.net, please write in english). This contributes to giving you all the best possible experience with our software.

Recent changes:
Fixed front camera not working properly on some devices

Content rating: Everyone

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 24, 2014
Android 2.2 or higher

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