YouMail: Voicemail Replacement
YouMail, Inc - Nov 11, 2016


YouMail is a free Intelligent Call Manager that stops robocalls, makes conference calls effortless, delights missed callers with a full-blown virtual receptionist, and even improves upon your existing visual voicemail and voicemail to text. So far, YouMail has answered over 5 billion calls from nearly half the phones in America!
Our 100% free app:
- STOPS ROBOCALLERS and TELEMARKETERS from harassing you by playing them a “Number Out of Service” greeting. This takes you off their lists and stops them from calling from any number they use, not just the number they called from. Just ignore calls from unknown numbers and YouMail does the rest – no need to block calls one at a time on your phone.
- Provides truly EFFORTLESS FREE CONFERENCE CALLS. To hold a conference, just tell your callers to call your cell phone and press 8, and you join with the press of a button. No funny numbers. No pins. Plus get an automatically e-mailed summary of the call, and all callers announced by name automatically as they enter and exit, with no need to record anything.
- Includes an AUTOMATED VIRTUAL RECEPTIONIST that greets callers by name or provides them a completely customized greeting, that can respond instantly with an automated TXT/SMS with a link to your digital business card, and that can automatically collect their contact info to make it easy to get back to them. Now callers no longer feel they’ve fallen into a voicemail black hole!
- Includes an AWARD-WINNING VISUAL VOICEMAIL SERVICE. Get a bigger inbox than your carrier provides, with messages stored permanently and accessible on any device. Also get voicemail to e-mail, missed caller identification so you always know who called, the ability to forward and reply to voicemail by e-mail to TXT/SMS, and access to a huge selection of free pre-recorded greetings.
Optional features extend the service significantly:
- BUSINESS SMART GREETING greet them by name and a fully professionally recorded greeting including your full name and business name.
- LIVE CONNECT provides easy to set up call routing where callers can press 0 to get connected to your business partner, assistant, or another phone. There’s even more advanced features with full PBX extensions and find-me follow-me functionality.
- VOICEMAIL TO TEXT makes it easy to read your voicemail.
- Expanded DIGITAL BUSINESS CARDs provide a full mobile landing page give callers even more information about you and your services.
- CONFERENCE CALL RECORDING provides effortless shareable recordings of all your conference calls, while automatically informing participants the calls are being recorded.
- PRIVACY GUARD gives you an extra phone number and forcing blocked or unknown callers to reveal their number to leave you messages.
- AUTO-FORWARDING automatically sends copies of your messages to the people you choose under the conditions you specific.
This is a MUST-HAVE service for small business professionals who rely on their phone for new business. Let YouMail help manage your calls while you focus on talking to customers and prospects.
Try YouMail’s free Intelligent Call Manager today.
• REPLACES your carrier visual voicemail.
• NOT COMPATIBLE with some prepaid mobile plans or Google Voice.
• COMPATIBLE with: AT&T voicemail, Sprint voicemail, T-Mobile voicemail, Verizon voicemail and many more!
• Sign up for FREE to see if YouMail is compatible with your carrier.
• YouMail only works with carriers in the US and Canada.
• YouMail is not tested on Cyanogen – use at your own discretion
• To use YouMail, you must forward missed calls to YouMail with carrier-specific forwarding codes.
• If YouMail doesn’t fit your needs, deactivate forwarding BEFORE you delete the app, otherwise your voicemail will NOT be re-routed back to your carrier.
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Current Version
Requires Android
Nov 11, 2016
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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