DewMobile, Inc. - Jan 1, 2015


Zapya - The fastest cross-platform wireless file transfer tool.
Product Features:
1) Wireless sharing among Android, iOS and Windows PC devices;
2) Speedy transfer without mobile data, up to maximum of 10MB/sec
3) Surpass Bluetooth, NFC, and AirDrop
4) Local network gaming without using Internet
App, photo, music, video, or just any file type, Zapya can transfer them to another device without aid of mobile network nor Wi-Fi routers. The content is duplicated directly from phone to phone at 40 times Bluetooth speed! Besides, Zapya also provides convenient ways to install itself on your friend's phones directly from yours, so you can share anything with your friends anytime, anywhere, without prerequisite.
Other than Wi-Fi file transfer, Zapya also provides on-demand installable local network games for fun. Give them a try!
Newly added Zapya network games.
YoYo! : First mobile fitness app. Shaking 1 minute could burn off 300 calories and reduce the fat on the shaking arms.
PaPaPa! : A pretty three-leg-dual-player coordination game. Playing along with your favorite celebrities, you just need to keep consistent rhythm and not to fall down.
Zapya is the common choice of 70 million users worldwide. It's more innovative than Bump and much faster than Bump. Although Zapya doesn't limit the content you share, please spread only appropriate files responsibly.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 1, 2015
2.8 (US)
Android 2.2 or higher

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