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OmniaShare - May 2, 2018
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MiniShare is an ultra-light, lightning fast, file sharing application that enables users to transfer content seamlessly between devices. The app prides itself on being small, or in other words, less than 2MB, making it easy for users whose phones have limited storage to have access to our app. The small size does not compromise on file transfer speeds, making it one of the fastest file transfer apps out there. In addition to being a lightweight champion, our app also boasts the following features.


• Group Feature: MiniShare has a create group and join group feature to facilitate quick file transfers between friends and family
• Ultra-light: “Mini” is the key feature here: the app is only 1.8 Megabytes!
• No Wi-Fi, No Problem: Don’t have the best internet connection? Don’t worry. MiniShare enables users with no Wi-Fi to transfer files with ease, also saving users money in the process!
• Easy on the memory: The app does not run as a background application, thereby consuming less memory on your smartphone device.
• Local Share: Need to share files in bulk? Select your files, let MiniShare make these files available by generating a hotspot, and lastly, users can simply receive files by scanning the generated QR Code
• QR Code Connectivity: Connect MiniShare with a QR code function
• Multiple Languages: The app supports m Chinese (Simplified), English, Spanish, Russian, Thai and Indonesian
• Compatible with other applications: The application is also fully compatible with Zapya - File Transfer, Sharing on Android, iOS, PC and Mac platforms

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
May 2, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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