Zombie Apocalypse 8BIT
CybeRoar - May 18, 2017


Fighting zombies in new arcade game, 8bit style gameplay and horde of undead walking zombies. Try to get as long possible in this new exciting 2D game.

Beside normal zombies there are even bosses and Mega Bosses so try how long you can survive. There are many ways how you can survive, shooting, double jumping, and if you swipe down you can drop to ground and even kill boss zombies. But it wont be easy, there are moving platforms, lava platforms that break and multiple ways you can choose to go so choose tactics. You play as Dan Bilzerian versus zombie apocalypse, yes you read that right!

☢Unlock Guns
Collect money on the way and buy guns later on.
- Shotgun - Mid range weapon with medium effectiveness
- Machine gun - shower zombies with bullets
- Flamethrower - spray zombies with fire, effective at close range
- Rocket Launcher - Slow but deadly effective, kill many zombies at once

☢ Call Helicopter (1000$)
You can call helicopter to battlefield and start killing zombies with really gun power!
It will alert all zombies in area so there will be more zombies on your way, but don't worry, with that chopper they can't get close.
- Aim helicopter gun with crosshair on right side of screen (hold and aim at zombies)

☢ Gameplay
Zombies are trying to stop you in every way and its up to you how to escape them, there are double jumping, shooting and flanking so you can jump down quickly (while killing zombies that are below you or to faster avoid them. All of these tactics should be used to get further.

Main goal in game is to survive as long the apocalypse, there are modes where you need to kill as many zombies or how many zombies you can kill in one round. There are various different challenges you need to do (like kill 100 zombies, jump from highest platform to zombie and other Awesome stuff to level up and to be king of zombies). All that statistics are on seen leaderboards online (Google play leaderboards) aswell as online challenges, so challenge your friends.

☢ Survive
Its not so easy to survive for a long time, even if you are Dan Bilzerian and you got skill with guns, jets, helicopters, cars and tanks, there are different types of zombies that will get you and that affect the gameplay, there are bigger enemies so that the tactics required, there are zombies that you need to hurt more times to kill them. While normal zombies are easy to kill they are difficult to avoid since they are quick and the follow you. And of course what would be game if there wouldn't be Mega Sized Bosses, yea that's right, big invincible zombie worm that will come out of nowhere to destroy you and when they appear game slows down so player can think of way to escape him.

☢ Mobiles and tablets
The game is running on mobile devices smoothly and epic, and it requires Android version greater than 2.3, the gameplay on mobile phones is lightweight speed and dynamic as the game has support multi-touch and runs smoothly on older devices. There are swiping on screen so shoot and jump like a Boss.
On tablets, except for the game speed, the game looks very clean and nice as it has a large resolution textures and even on +10 inch tablets you will be amazed.

☢ Level
The game is designed so that there are no repeating levels rather than generated automatically when you start the application, each time there will be a different level with different stage, and it changes through playing progress.
There are different types of time, you can play at day, or at night, while you cant see zombies, its harder to play, and the least on apocalypse time, where world shatters and destroys.

☢ Compete with friends
The application is as simple but has a lot of features and tasks to unlock and lot of things to discover, compete with friends, find secrets on level, secret passages and so on and enjoy while killing hordes of zombies.

Do you have what it takes to be slayer of pixel zombies?!

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Current Version
Requires Android
May 18, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher