Zombie Killer Sniper Shooter
3CoderBrain Studio - Jul 17, 2017


Are you looking for zombie shooter game, then look no further. You are on one of the rare developing studios that dedicate their expertise to create the outstanding and amazing games for you.

In this zombie survival shooter game you have to show your skills, reaction and kill dozens of zombies in a realistic 3D graveyard environment with high quality HD graphics, horror surroundings and exciting gameplay.
Virus is spread in the graveyard which is causing many corpses and mummies turning into zombies. If this zombie squad spread into the city then this virus will prevail in the entire world. This zombie squad will hit and bite all the citizens for spreading the deadly virus. This virus can transform a healthy person into deadly zombie.
Zombies are crumbling in graveyard. Evolved zombies walk out from dark places of grave yard, there is a danger for more people getting infected by zombie virus. People will not survive in fighting zombies war. You as the elite zombie killer are the last hope. Save the humanity by infiltrating the zombie-infected city graveyard, stocking up on supplies, rescuing the civilians and ushering them to safety while shooting those mutants that gets in your way! Zombie kill shot virus War is the first person shooter (fps) experience for sniper shooting games lover! It’s time to load out your weapons and get yourself fixed, go to the zombies war frontier i.e. ancient graveyard, pick your weapon forces and attack the walking dead, make a dead target kill shot and stop this zombie sensation of this zombie game.
You have to face zombies from all sides, it is too dark to see clear, but they are around us. There should be no hesitation, shoot and fight or you will die and turn into zombies. Remember to shoot before they shoot you, otherwise they are not that easy to kill.
Features of Zombie Killer Sniper Shooter
- Great control of visual angle
- Bloody horror scenes
- Multiple challenging missions
- Variety of dangerous Weapons
- Horror environment and HD graphics.
- Different types of deadly zombies.
- Amazing Sound and voice.
- 3D HD graveyard environment with dark theme.
- no#1 FPS (First Person shooter) game for sniper shooting lovers.
- Target the zombies with your favourite sniper gun

Don’t waste your time, just download Zombie shooting game and enjoy the adventure of shooting enemy zombies and complete the challenging missions. And don’t forget to leave your valuable comments on store

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jul 17, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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