Zombie Run
Pinqu! - Feb 29, 2016


A horde of bloodthirsty zombies is on the loose and craving for you brains! In this 2-player game only one can survive. Make sure to be the one that pushes the buttons the fastest and get out alive!
Features three 2-player mini games:
- Run for it!
Push the buttons on your side of the screen alternately and be the fastest player.
- Push it!
Push the right button when the matching symbol passes the line.
- Evade it!
Press left or right to evade the walls and x to jump over the lower walls. Pick up the signs matching the opponents shirt color to slow him down.
Warning: This game contains button bashing, to be used at your own risk! ;)

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Current Version
Requires Android
Feb 29, 2016
Android 2.1 or higher