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Zombie VS Crazy..

Zombie VS Crazy..

JMTC - January 01,2015

Racing Games

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《ZOMBIE VS CRAZY DRIVING》is aparkourshooter game。In the game, the zombies set witty, spectacular in one,Domineering car、Maddenbullets、Limitsprint,take you to feel thesymphonywithbulletsandblood plasma.
The cityhas been contaminatedvirus,Zombies have lost consciousness,Biteallliving things,You are the onlysurvivor ofthe city,In order toescape thezombies,You must be on the road full of zombies to fight a belong to your own road!
Game Features
★First、In addition to inheriting classic shooting game parkour class element,Joined the comprehensive upgrade system, Through strengthening, can make your car against higher, faster, stronger defense, sprint longer and enjoy the fun of the game in the tense atmosphere.
★second、beautiful play fondle admiringly, pure touch screen operation, will readily accept between the palm,Is life is death only what you deserve.
★third、Thriller, painting style, stress the sense, the picture environment mainly zombies, give priority to the ruins, Has a large number of zombies block ahead, behind have a zombie tanks, fully mobilize your adrenaline.
Friendship remind
Upgrade your speed and the sprint time, will make the game more generous!

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Additional information

  • UpdatedJanuary 01,2015
  • Size7.5MB
  • Downloads25
  • Current Version1.0
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.3 or higher